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Another highly LH-relevant passage from Canetti’s (see this post ); he’s been talking about the young Bulgarian peasant girls hired by his family as maids, and when his parents were out and it got dark, they all huddled together on a divan and the girls told what we now call campfire stories:

There must be similar cases, but I’m not aware of them; I wish I could retrieve the Japanese stories our ayahs must have told me in my first years, but they seem to be gone for good.

Of the fairy tales I heard, only the ones about werewolves and vampires have lodged in my memory. Perhaps no other kinds were told. I can’t pick up a book of Balkan fairy tales without instantly recognizing some of them. Every detail of them is present to my mind, but not in the language I heard them in. I heard them in Bulgarian, but I know them in German; this mysterious translation is perhaps the oddest thing that I have to tell about my youth, and since the language history of most children runs differently, perhaps I ought to say more about it.

To each other, my parents spoke German, which I was not allowed to understand. To us children and to all relatives and friends, they spoke Ladino. That was the true vernacular, albeit an ancient Spanish, I often heard it later on and I’ve never forgotten it. The peasant girls at home knew only Bulgarian, and I must have learned it with them. But since I never went to a Bulgarian school, leaving Ruschuk at six years of age, I very soon forgot Bulgarian completely. All events of those first few years were in Ladino or Bulgarian. It wasn’t until much later that most of them were rendered into German in me. Only especially dramatic events, murder and manslaughter so to speak, and the worst terrors have been retained by me in their Ladino wording, and very precisely and indestructibly at that. Everything else, that is, most things, and especially anything Bulgarian, like the fairy tales, I carry around in German.

I cannot say exactly how this happened. I don’t know at what point in time, on what occasion, this or that translated itself. I never probed into the matter; perhaps I was afraid to destroy my most precious memories with a methodical examination based on rigorous principles. I can say only one thing with certainty: The events of those years are present to my mind in all their strength and freshness (I’ve fed on them for over sixty years), but the vast majority are tied to words that I did not know at the time. It seems natural to me to write them down now, I don’t have the feeling that I am changing or warping anything. It is not like the literary translation of a book from one language to another, it is a translation that happened of its own accord in my unconscious, and since I ordinarily avoid this word like the plague, a word that has become meaningless from overuse, I apologize for employing it in this one and only case.

Redcarpet can be configured by providing an extensions sub-setting, whose value should be an array of strings. Each string should be the name of one of the Redcarpet::Markdown class’s extensions; if present in the array, it will set the corresponding extension to true .

Jekyll handles two special Redcarpet extensions:

Note that you can also specify a language for highlighting after the first delimiter:

With both fenced code blocks and highlighter enabled, this will statically highlight the code; without any syntax highlighter, it will add a class="LANGUAGE" attribute to the <code> element, which can be used as a hint by various JavaScript code highlighting libraries.

All other extensions retain their usual names from Redcarpet, and no renderer options aside from smart can be specified in Jekyll. TROUSERS Shorts Balmain uEySCejF
Make sure you’re looking at the README for the right version of Redcarpet: Jekyll currently uses v3.2.x. The most commonly used extensions are:

If you’re interested in creating a custom markdown processor, you’re in luck! Create a new class in the Jekyll::Converters::Markdown namespace:

Once you’ve created your class and have it properly set up either as a plugin in the _plugins folder or as a gem, specify it in your _config.yml :

Incremental regeneration is still an experimental feature

While incremental regeneration will work for the most common cases, it will not work correctly in every scenario. Please be extremely cautious when using the feature, and report any problems not listed below by

Incremental regeneration helps shorten build times by only generating documents and pages that were updated since the previous build. It does this by keeping track of both file modification times and inter-document dependencies in the .jekyll-metadata file.

Under the current implementation, incremental regeneration will only generate a document or page if either it, or one of its dependencies, is modified. Currently, the only types of dependencies tracked are includes (using the {% include %} tag) and layouts. This means that plain references to other documents (for example, the common case of iterating over site.posts in a post listings page) will not be detected as a dependency.

To remedy some of these shortfalls, putting regenerate: true in the front-matter of a document will force Jekyll to regenerate it regardless of whether it has been modified. Note that this will generate the specified document only; references to other documents’ contents will not work since they won’t be re-rendered.

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