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Crescent Moon 18-karat Gold Diamond Necklace - one size Andrea Fohrman He7jbU74E5
Crescent Moon 18-karat Gold Diamond Necklace - one size Andrea Fohrman
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KineticJS uses the concept of a stage onto which we add layers of shapes and groups of shapes . An example of a possible hierarchy is shown below (reproduced from the KineticJS wiki ):

So, to build a basic drag and drop example with KineticJS, we’ll define our stage, and add to it a layer containing a draggable rectangle. First, the stage.

Next we’ll add a rectangle. KineticJS has a number of built in shapes:

Note importantly that we’ve set the draggable property to true . We can add this property at any level in the hierarchy, to make a shape, group of shapes, layer, or even the whole stage draggable.

Now we just need to add the rectangle to the layer, and then the layer to the stage:

We can add other shapes to the same or other layers, and they will be draggable too!

And that’s it – certainly a lot easier than having to manage objects and target hit detection ourselves.

KineticJS comes in at around 110KB (compresses to approx 29KB). Whether this is acceptable to include in your mobile webpages will depend on your target devices, and your requirements. However, it is definitely worth noting here that it is possible to build a custom KineticJS bundle by picking and choosing only the features you require. KineticJS also has the advantage that it will work with desktop or touchscreens alike, abstracting the actual events, whether touch-based or mouse-based from the developer.

Update 2015/07/22 This project is parked and is no longer being maintained. The author mentions it is “pretty darn stable”. However, there are 148 open issues. The code is hosted: Green and Red Paisley Pattern Lana Wool Pocket Square Calabrese 1924 tK1arT2

Another very popular framework is EaselJS. EaselJS also uses the concept of a stage to represent all that happens on the canvas element. Like KineticJS, EaselJS also facilitates hierarchical object structure. Where KineticJS has a layer , EaselJS has a container , and both support nesting of drawable shapes. EaselJS download is approx 81k minified.

To start off with EaselJS, we create a stage on a canvas element:

Now let’s try to add a draggable rectangle as with did with KineticJS. We create a shape object, and then we use it to draw the rectangle:

To make this object draggable, with attach the pressmove event, and define what should happen when it is triggered. We simply update the x and y properties of the event target, i.e. our rectangle. Note that we indicate that the stage should be updated after this:

Finally we can add the rectangle to the stage:

As with KineticJS, mouse and touch input are supported seamlessly, taking the burden off the developer. However, there is clearly a little bit more work to do for drag and drop when using EaselJS. And we note again, there’s a lot more the EaselJS than just drag and drop.

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Support Lyme Connection and make a difference

Donate Now!

Lyme Connection represents patients, family members, practitioners, researchers and community members committed to ending the suffering caused by tick-borne diseases. We educate the community about prevention and early diagnosis and support patients.

Our goal is to connect patients with compassionate care, helpful services and fellow patients. We offer the encouragement and validation needed to make it through what is often a daunting challenge.

Come join us.

Marie Benedetto and Donna Faulkner
Rob and Elena Zajac
Erica Fearn
Tanya Kory and Nancy Whyte-Olay

Dr. Deb Bossio, ND will discuss the importance of detox in treatment and recovery at the September 27 support group meeting. For treatment of Lyme and coinfections to be successful, the body must be able to evacuate waste effectively. Finding an efficient and manageable detox routine that works for you is vital. Dr Bossio will explain the importance and necessity of detoxification and review a variety of medical and natural options.There will be time for questions and discussion after her presentation.

Even if you currently follow a detox routine, come learn about other effective options. The support group meets from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. at 66 Prospect St. in Ridgefield. Admission is free and all are welcome.

Note: There will not be a support group meeting Thursday, July 26.


Thursday, July 26, 2018 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm
Thursday, August 9, 2018 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm
Thursday, August 23, 2018 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm
Thursday, September 13, 2018 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm
Thursday, September 27, 2018 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm
Lyme Connection's Karen Gaudian and Jennifer Reid with Dr. Steven Phillips, Dana Parish and Lew Leone.( r.)

Lyme Connection’s 12th Annual Patient Conference and Health Fair on May 17 welcomed over 450 attendees and exhibitors. Doors opened at 5:00 p.m.with a Lyme-focused health fair featuring 30 exhibitors featuring tick-control products, Lyme-literate practitioners, diagnostic laboratories, and manufacturers offering prevention and patient support services.

The evening program began at 7:00 p.m. with the presentation of Lyme Connection’s second Courage in Journalism Award to Lew Leone, vice president and general manager of WNYW-FOX 5 TV. Attendees then heard from internationally acclaimed speakers: Wilton, Connecticut based internist and tick-borne diseases specialist Dr. Steven Phillips; Duke University Oncologist Dr. Neil Spector and patient advocate Dana Parish.

Laying new lines for digital humanities scholars


Update: The Recommendations are posted! Final NEH White Paper

The final draft of the recommendations, including community comments, was posted on MediaCommons at .

The following “Bill of Rights” was developed at the “Off The Tracks” workshop in College Park, Maryland on January 21, 2011. In the afternoon of the last day of the workshop, the participants divided into four subgroups tasked with discussing models for institutional support, models for career paths, models for collaboration, and models for transformation. This initial draft was written by the “collaboration team” which included Matthew Kirschenbaum, Bethany Nowviskie, Tom Scheinfeldt, and Doug Reside. We are posting this very rough draft just hours later in the hopes that it will provoke further discussion by the larger community.

January 21, 2011 at 10:54 pm

This is a wonderful idea, and a great document. I can’t wait to see more. This is such an important issue, and the community at large really does need a firm set of guidelines. It would be even better if an organization like MITH came up with a credit/timetracking tool that could be implemented for any DH project. (I know, one step at a time)

January 22, 2011 at 3:09 pm

[...] @dougreside: Off the Tracks: Bill of Rights for Collaborators [...]

January 22, 2011 at 5:00 pm

Thoughts, anyone?

January 22, 2011 at 5:48 pm

I like this concept and I’m glad you’ve put it together. I’d like to add a few comments.

To what limit is someone a “Collaborator”?

If I build an Omeka exhibit, do I have to credit everyone on the Omeka team? Do I have to list the names of all the photographers as “Collaborators”? What about the double-keyer in India who did some for-pay transcription of some of my sources held by the British Museum? What about Tim Berners Lee? Aren’t all the authors who I cite “Collaborating” in building my own work – be it perhaps unknowingly or unwillingly? I’m taking this to the extreme, but where does one reasonably draw the limits?

Does this apply to the traditional academic monograph? I’ve been a “Research Assistant” for several professors who then used my work to write books. But I was paid for my services and my work considered “For Hire” and so I was not a collaborator. Does a paycheque directly tied to the project mean someone is not a collaborator? Do we need to reclassify the authorship of millions of books already printed to give proper credit? Or does this only refer to creative digital works?

Expression of inx-1 under the Punc-130 promoter would also be expected to cause ectopic inx-1 expression, and the potential consequences of this are unclear, for example, new electrical synapses might be generated, which could change the response to ASH stimulation. Then, to exclude transgene effects, we performed the drop test of wild type animals harboring Punc-130 :: INX-1 transgene, and we found no effect ( Paloma Barceló Woman Fringed Woven Leather Platorm Espadrille Sandals Brown Size 37 Paloma Barceló IjrwAwRD8l
) (p > 0.05, Fisher's exact test). Moreover, we also examined animals expressing an unrelated protein, mCherry, under the control of Punc-130 as a control, and again with no effect ( S5E Appendix ) (p > 0.05, Fisher's exact test). These results indicate that the important role of lin-32 in the synaptogenesis or synaptic functions of electrical synapses for behavioral optimization. AIB electrical synapses comprising inx-1 are required for behavioral optimization depending on the stimulus strength. Impaired optimization of probability of omega turn in the lin-32 mutants seems to be at least partly due to the disruption of electrical synapses comprising inx-1 in AIB interneurons.

Our results suggest INX-1-containing gap junctions of AIB are required for determination of probability of omega turn. We tried to know the effect of disrupting synaptic transmission with tetanus toxin using transgenic AIB::TeTx strains [ 18 ]. Our created transgenic AIB::TeTx strain showed reduced frequency of reversal in free-moving condition as previously reported ( S5F Appendix ) (p < 0.001, Student's t -tests) [ 18 ], indicating AIB::TeTx works. It seemed that the frequency of turns slightly increases compared to wild type animals (Figs Stripepanel leather pouch Fendi gWA0NQSC
and Fusain Leather Sandals Taupe KJacques ijfvpOl
), but there was no significant difference (p > 0.05, ANOVA followed by the Tukey's post hoc tests). This result strongly supports our hypothesis that AIB gap junction consisting of inx-1 is important for determination of probability of omega turn, but chemical synapses have little effect on it.

Jang et al have described the use of unc-1 dominant negative as transgenic disruptors of gap junction function [ 28 ]. To know whether expression of this gene phenocopies inx-1 loss-of-function alleles, we analyzed their avoidance behaviors. However, there was no significant difference compared to wild type animals ( Bandits High Waist Short size 28 also in 262730 One Teaspoon 1Y6OZ5g
) (p > 0.05, ANOVA followed by the Tukey's post hoc tests). unc-1 dominant negative might not be disruptor for INX-1 function.

AIB and AVA are known to directly or indirectly regulate neck muscle contractions via downstream RIA, RIV, and SMD neck inter-/motor neurons and DA/VA motor neurons [ 10 , Womens Triangle Tote Bag Maison Martin Margiela fsvymXMZ
]. To investigate the relationships between muscle contraction and the avoidance behaviors, we analyzed the calcium concentrations in the neck and body wall muscles during the presentation of avoidance behaviors in free-moving C . elegans , which expresses GCaMP2 in the body wall muscles. The neck-bending step seemed to be critical for the omega turn, so we focused on the events for a short period after the backward movement had stopped. In a wild type animal exhibiting an omega turn, a strong calcium mobilization occurred in the ventral neck muscles at the beginning of the omega turn, and the mobilization propagated back to the body wall muscles ( cross strap sandals Metallic Michel Vivien lBzCBsprX
). In the long and short reversals, the calcium mobilization remained weak and narrow ( floral print fringed scarf Nude amp; Neutrals ForteForte ylHcXi
). We quantified the peak calcium concentrations in the neck muscles and the area of the calcium increase per the whole body length. The results showed that both peaks and areas were significantly higher in the omega turns than in the short and long reversals ( Strength 18karat Gold Diamond And Enamel Necklace one size Foundrae N5Gsb3Xv
) (p < 0.01 and 0.001, respectively. ANOVA followed by the Tukey's post hoc tests). Both the random sampling lin-32 and inx-1 mutants showed their peak calcium concentrations and area significantly varied to low values compared with that of wild type animals ( Modal Scarf DAFFODIL DELIGHT by VIDA VIDA zu4wbIpC8q
) (p < 0.05, respectively. ANOVA followed by the Tukey's post hoc tests). The results suggest that both mutants fail to perform strong neck muscle contractions that are associated with omega turn.

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