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時計は20:30過ぎを指している。この頃にはもう被害の状況がけっこう明らかになっていたのではなかろうか。 #赤坂自民亭

— 背中まで45分 (@senakamade_45) July 10, 2018

The clock points past 8:30 PM [on Thursday, July 5]. By this time wouldn't it have been clear just how much devastation there was?

Publications such as Women Comfort Sport Ankle Strap Sandals Brown Peanut Jute 55 UK 385 EU Gabor mYH6fSKDV
newspaper and tabloid Nikkan Gendai spent several days attacking the prime minister:

日刊ゲンダイ 【何が「国民の生命が第一」だ】




— 但馬問屋 (@wanpakutenshi) July 9, 2018

From Nikkan Gendai tabloid: [Headline from first image] “While people were being engulfed by water, what was this government actually doing?”

[Headline and copy from second image]: “What do you mean ‘the people's lives come first?'”

“They were at a drinking party, planning their own political strategy or out visiting their cronies, preoccupied with keeping their regime alive. Reacting to the flooding crisis was pushed back as an afterthought, intensifying the damage.”

“Cabinet did nothing until July 7″ […]

Prime Minister Abe managed to visit flood-stricken areas by Wednesday, July 11, nearly a week after it was apparent Japan was experiencing a major natural disaster. Besides a likely death toll surpassing 200, 70,000 homes across western Japan had been flooded and 2 million people had been forced to evacuate their homes.

Thick mud, damaged transportation infrastructure and the continuing risk of collapsing dams have also made it hard to deliver aid, especially drinking water and food, to the evacuees. A mountain of trash from destroyed homes is straining local authorities as they try to figure out what to do with it.

Increasingly, people are wondering why, in a country used to sudden torrential rains, the death toll has been so high. In Okayama Prefecture, which has so far experienced the highest number of deaths over the past week, the risk of flooding is said to have been known in advance.

Linda Sieg, reporting for Reuters news agency , noted that one reason was that many people did not know where to go following evacuation alerts. As well, Japan has traditionally prepared for earthquakes rather than large-scale flooding, while many homes are built in landslide-prone locations due to lack of available land for housing.

In the end, Mainichi newspaper observed , the sheer volume of water may have overwhelmed existing flood defenses.

In the aftermath, questions are also being asked about how climate change may have contributed the disaster. The rise in average surface temperatures on Earth is forecasted to fuel an increase in the frequency and intensity of extreme weather events, such as heavy rain, particularly in western Japan .

One additional note: If one has Audio, that extends beyond the end of the Video, they basically have created a gap at the very end. Even just a few Audio Units can cause issues, and if they do not on Export, the slighly longer Audio Duration can stop Transcoding while authoring to DVD/BD.

To counter this, and to also address some other issues, I end each Timeline with 02 sec. of Black Video, and always end my Audio, within that Black Video Clip. As there is a difference in block size between some Transcoded Audio, and the accompanying Video, this also eliminates the possibility that the Audio file will have a very slight difference in Duration.


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Well Bill, that clears up a lot. I particularly like it when you mix the troubleshooting of two programs in one piece. I find your solutions incredibly time consuming. I have experience with PE 4 and 7 on different hardware, and they are unformly negative. The functionality and user friendlyness are OK, but the stability is miserable. As said that goes for two versions on 4 different but powerful pc's.

I used to work with all sorts of files, but now i make sure that only dv-files are used. It however doesnt make much difference. Especially rendering is an extremely unstable business. It does take hours if it works, and it takes many more ours if it doesnt which is alas the usual state of affairs. The only way to prevent a situation where you have to restart rendering time and again (and restart your pc) is by interrupting the rendering process every time it reaches 10% or 20 or whatever you like to try out and then save. It still takes a lot of time, but then one does at least get somewhere.

This is apart from the memory low messages and crashes that can happen if one is not rendering or working with a completely rendered file.

I have other Adobe software that works allright, but Premiere Elements sucks.

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Sorry that you are having issues.

My suggestion would be to post to the appropriate forum, with the full specs. of your system, your Assets and your Project settings. This ARTICLE will give you tips on what info would be so very useful.

And the reason that I mention both PrE and PrPro, is that while similar programs, there can be major differences between how each works, or does not, with certain material. It makes it easier on me to have one article, that covers both, so that I, and others, can link to one article. Also, as this is the sub-forum for PrE, that program gets much of the mention, with asides for how things work in PrPro, PrE's big-brother. I attempt to make the distinctions, where one process might work in one program, while it might not in the other.

There are also many users of one program, that are contemplating moving to the other - either up to Pro, or down to Elements, and this helps them determine if something will work, should they migrate, and how it might work.

Sometimes, it's a tough call, as a few of these articles are ONLY applicable to one program, or the other, but Steve Grisetti, the MOD here, has been very nice to let me post a few PrPro-only articles here, as there is no such forum in the PrPro hierarchy, though I have oft requested one.

Please do post to the main PrE forum (if that is your program), as few problems go unsolved there. The regulars take it very personally, when they cannot solve the problems.

Good luck,


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Also, if you are not looking for problem solving, then there is actually a sub-forum for that too, .

Good luck,


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